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High Performanc Roofing Systems

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Mastic Asphalt Roofing

Installing mastic asphalt roofing is a very skill and technical procedure. Raynor ltd have completed many roofing projects both in Nottingham and in other local city's of the East Midlands including the historic Birmingham Law Courts, Nottinghams own City Council House in the centre of the city, and the Nottingham Forest Academy building. They also install many smaller roofing projects including balconies, general re roofs and small new roofs.

mastic asphalt flooring


Mastic asphalt flooring is a quick clean way by which to install a damp proofing membrane to a buildings floor.The mastic asphalt itself is isolated from the floor below via a thin tissue membrane, this allows for natural movement and protects the mastic asphalt floor from cracking. Raynor ltd complete many flooring projects each year. Flooring contracts vary in size, and are completed through Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Birmingham, with no project being too small or large.

mastic asphalt roofing


Mastic asphalt roofing is a traditional way by which to water proof a building. Raynor ltd have completed many roofing projects, including the extensive re roofing of the historic Birmingham Law Courts.Raynor limited have also completed mastic asphalt roofing work widely across the Nottinghamshire area, including, Nottingham University, Nottingham Forest training academy, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham City Hospital and Nottingham Queens Medical Centre, the Nottingham Victoria Centre plus many roofs for privately own homes in Nottingham and for many builders, large and small.

mastic asphalt tanking


Mastic asphalt is often used to install a waterproofing barrier on under ground areas and rooms such as cellars. Raynors are technically able to undertake such technical projects as mastic asphalt tanking.

mastic asphalt car park


Mastic asphalt is an extremely versatile damp proofing medium. It is often used to form a waterproofing area on car parks. Raynor limited have completed many car parks in mastic asphalt, including the car park over the Leister Mercury newspaper building.